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BYRON Timeline

Do you like historicals?  See them across the BYRON Timeline!

This is a completely different way to look at books.

We start with the Calendar...

The Calendar may come up automatically whenever you start BYRON.  It will start out set to the current date.

This includes authors' birthdays and various events from the books.  These events are usually the first date given, but it could also be the year that the book begins, or any special dated events.

SCANDAL's BRIDE by Stephanie Laurens, for example, begins on December 5th, 1819.

But that's just the Calendar.  Let's see where it is on the Timeline...

Note that these events can include a description.  Prologues and epilogues are sometimes noted, depending upon the amount of time that may have gone by.  Entries without a description are simply the first date mentioned in the story. 

Books may include as many dates in the Timeline as you like, although most books with Timeline entries have only one.

And -- as you'd expect from BYRON -- click on any title to see its book window, or any author name to see a list of his or her books.

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