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BYRON's Folder & Favorite Authors

Books can easily be added to personal inventory or shopping list folders.  You can even create many other folders, to list books you would like to sell, or for books you have loaned out.

BYRON's folders will, of course, be empty when you first receive BYRON.  

But you can add as many books as you like at the touch of a button.  You could even add a book to your inventory directly from your shopping list.

And just like any other titles window, you can always pop up a book window from your inventory, or you can find other books and groups by that author.

Or, with a simple menu option, you can add the book's author to your Favorite Authors list.

This is like a folder for author names.   From here it's always a quick click to these authors' books, groups or characters.

Although it is called "Favorite Authors," you will find it convenient for any author you come across that you want to refer back to later.   (Naturally, we expect you to have a lot more favorite authors than just four!)

BYRON can also perform some searches using only the authors you've listed as favorites.

In this example, BYRON used its multi-field search to find titles containing the word "Night" that were written by the authors in the favorite author list.   As the name implies, the multi-field search contains many more options than just title words or phrases, and it doesn't have to be limited to your favorite authors.

Once you've compiled a list of books, you can print them out.   BYRON will let you choose what information you want printed.

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